The Galway Eco-Friendly Shop Affinity Made By Hand

The Galway Eco-Friendly Shop that’s good for Your Health, Your Wallet, and the Planet!

Here at the Affinity shop in Portumna, Galway we ‘reuse’ all of the cardboard boxes and packaging as much as possible to pack your items to be posted out to you. This includes things like boxes, mailers, and paper which would have otherwise been discarded. Consider extending the life of this packaging even further by reusing it or giving it to a person or organization who will. Once the materials have reached the end of their life, please recycle.

Reduce Reuse Recycle-Affinity with our Planet

We firmly believe in reusing packaging before we recycle anything. We try to conscientiously reduce our carbon footprint on the planet and yours too by doing this, of course we could just buy recycled packaging and post the items off to you in it, but we believe in going further where appropriately possible-that’s why we say Reuse first, then Recycle!

Further Efforts to Reduce our Footprints

Occasionally your item will be posted to you directly from the artist or supplier. This helps keep our prices low and reduce our footprints even further. Less fuel is used in transport, and your item only needs to be packaged once.